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“New York’s got New Jersey; San Francisco’s got the place where Colma stays."

Ever been to Colma? It's that little town right next to San Francisco. No? Well, its claim to fame is that the dead outnumber the living 1500 to 1 (cause of its cemeteries, don't get any crazy ideas). But it's really just like any other sleepy town that rests in the shadow of a huge progressive city - New York's got New Jersey, Philly's got Cherry Hill, San Francisco's got Colma, the list goes on and on. And in these towns, there are kids, and one day, these kids must grow up - or at least start to.

Best pals Rodel, Billy, and Maribel live in Colma and they love it! (not really). After graduating from high school the trio finds themselves in a state of limbo; fresh out of high school, they are just beginning to explore a new unstructured world. Like most kids, they are on the brink of self-discovery, but aren't in much of a rush. What is the rush, anyway? They are having too much fun doing nothing or crashing college parties. But when newfound revelations and romances challenge their relationships with one another and their parents, the trio must assess what to hold onto, and how to best follow their dreams.

Oh, there's one more thing - they sing. Colma: The Musical boasts 13 musical numbers featuring all original music by H.P. Mendoza and is Richard Wong’s feature directorial debut. It has been awarded the Special Jury Prize at the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival, Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival and San Diego Asian Film Festival. It was honored with nominations for the Gotham Award ("Best Film Not in a Theater Near You") and the Independent Spirit Award ("Someone To Watch Award").

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