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07.11.13 DVD Comes Out November 20th

Hey all, been a long time, and when I say long, I mean hella long. The DVD is coming out one week from today, which kind of signifies the last leg of this journey. I hope anyone who saw and enjoyed it will go out and buy the DVD which officially comes out November 20th, which, coincidentally is my Dad's birthday. Happy birtday Dad!

Oh wait, what's this? A soapbox? Hmmmm. ::step:: I know the how the world works. I know that torrents are a part of life. Lord knows, wait, I mean, We All know I've had my share of torrenting and peer sharing, though I haven't in a couple of years. But this is a small film, made by people - not some marketing group at some studio for some lump sum and as part of a bigger picture where losing money on that movie is meaningless because the REAL money is coming from other bigger movies. It's one thing to steal from a movie that you've seen already and has already made all it's money back, like Spiderman 3 or Transformers (which, for the record, I not only despise, but am offended by), but stealing this film is stealing from the little guy. Who steals from the little guy? Robin Hood sure as hell didn't. I know the world today thinks nothing of thievery, especially in the nontextile world of one's and zero's, but don't forget that if you were standing in Best Buy, you wouldn't put that DVD in your pocket and walk out because the alarm would go off and you'd be surrounded by 17 year olds and subsequently restrained by 19 year olds. That would be plain embarrassing. On the internet, you don't have to worry about things like that - but, I want to believe people wouldn't put that DVD in their pocket for other reasons. ::The soapbox breaks::

Guess my time is up. I want to thank in advance anyone who buys the DVD. Please believe me that it is an understatement when I say I appreciate it.

07.08.24 Big Thanks

Hello All. Yes, it's been quite a while.

Colma opens today in San Diego, the theatrical run is winding down and I want to take this space to thank everyone who came out and supported the film, worked on the film, or had anything to do with the film in any way. What a wild ride it has been for all of us and your support was flattering, humbling, very much appreciated and won't soon be forgotten by any of us. What I've done to deserve this, I'm not sure. But, as the theatrical run ends, and the DVD run peaks its head over the horizon, I can't help but reflect on what my life was like before, and what it is now, after. I turned 30 this past year and you all know what that means: CRISIS! No, well yes, but no, it means things are a changin'. Good? Bad? Who's to say? But Colma's life on DVD will ride on forever. Crazy, right? Movies are forever - unlike any of us. I've come to appreciate what's around me in a very delicate way. All that we have is so fragile and it's a miracle that we have anything at all. I've regretfully seen them vanish in a flash. You all have made Colma stay forever, and that's very encouraging.

07.06.19 Here We Go!

Well, this is it. On Friday, Colma: The Musical opens in San Francisco. ::Deep breath:: This is an exciting time for us and I feel so lucky and privileged that we have a chance to show it to a bigger audience. First of all, I hope that if you are at all interested or intrigued by this movie, that you will give it a shot. Yes, people sing in it but I promise it won't feel out of nowhere.

Secondly, making an independent film is tough (I can get into how and why it's tough but that's a thesis paper), but getting the chance for an indie film like this to be seen by a broad audience, is by far tougher. The only way films like this can continue to be made and seen is for people go out and support them, and prove to the industry that an audience for films like this exist. Please come out and help support us in the first week so that we might have a second week...and so on. It's a scary thing to work on a film for more than two years and have it boil down to a number representing ticket sales for the opening weekend. But it does. It was a tremendous battle getting Colma to the screens this Friday. I hope this weekend you will come out and share this humbling moment with me, HP, LA, Jake, Paul, Wyn and everyone else in the Colma family. We'll be there for Q&A's at the 7:30pm and 10:00pm shows on Friday and Saturday and most likely just be there hanging out and saying "Hi!" and "Thanks!" to everyone we can.

Then, thanks to CAAM, the party on Friday night continues at Frisson ( so please come hang and drink with us till we can't drink and hang any longer. It promises to be a whole lotta fun!

07.05.14 Colma Opens July 6th in New York City at The Quad

To add to the release in San Fran, today New York city was secured for a July 6th release at The Quad Cinemas - 34 W 13th Street. I hope all you New Yorkers come out to the west coast equivalent of what would be New Jersey: The Musical for you guys.

07.05.03 Colma Opens June 22nd in San Francisco at Embarcadero Cinemas

Wait a minute, it wasn't a dream? Sweeeeet - Colma is coming to theater screens very soon! June 22nd at The Embarcadero Cinemas in San Francisco to be exact. For those of you who have seen it, please come see it again (this is a brand new cut of the film so it will be like watching it again for the first time!...and for those of you who loved the fesitval cut, I promise this one is even better!). Please help us get the word out and come see it on the first weekend, because, if everyone waits for the second weekend, there may not be a second weekend!

07.04.04 Colma: The Musical Secures Distribution

So, did any of us think when we set out to make this little movie that it would ever sell? Well... to be honest, it crossed my mind. I mean why put all this effort into something if you didn't think it was going to be great, right? So it's safe to say I had hopes that it would sell, but now that it has sold, wow...elation! It's really humbling and is such a great validation to everyone who put their efforts into it. And to be partners with Roadside Attractions - what a dream come true for this film! Expect to see it in theaters sometime in the summer in select cities! Keep checking here for updates on which cities and when!

IndieWire on Colma picking up distribution.

07.02.27 Film Independent's Spirit Awards

Okay so I'm back from LA where, yes - or no rather, I didn't win. But losing to Day Night Day Night isn't exactly something someone could complain about. That is a really incredible movie. I did have a lot of fun though. HP was too sick to go which was really horrible, but LA went in his place and we both had a great time and drank like fish. Hmmm, I have pictures somewhere...wait a minute...I don't! Damn, I always regret it later. I didn't take any pictures but maybe LA will have some. Anyhow, it was fun while it lasted but now it's over and I can move on. Thanks to everyone who wanted us to win. I seriously was pretty happy to just be there.

07.01.29 Seattle

I was in Seattle this past weekend which I guess is TRULY the last asian festival on the run. So...Ham, Julia, Shirley (who plays Auntie #8 in Eve and the Firehorse) and I had a blast on behalf of all the Asian American filmmakers out there that we miss and love. It was a nice intimate festival and the people who run it were awesome. Special thanks to Wes, Joe, Bao and the people at Three Dollar Bill Cinema. The screening itself was also great and the audience was very enthusiastic. In fact, not a single walkout! Then we went on and had Cineoke. Ham, Wes, Bao and I sang "Skid Row (Downtown)" from "Little Shop of Horrors". It was part 2 of our 2 night karaoke extravaganza in which Julia and I won with a whopping 95 score the first night on Magic Mic...Though, I have a feeling the scoring process was not really judging on pitch, tone or accuracy. Those things are overrated anyway.

07.01.05 Wow, Happy New Year! - SF360 and Outfest Wednesdays

Its been a long time. Well, the new year ushered in a flu, after not being sick really all of 2006; AND a wonderful screening at Outfest Wednesdays at the Egyptian in Los Angeles. The crowd was very enthusiastic and their energy was very high. The Q and A was held by David Courier which was a really pleasant surprise. It was great to see him and flattering that he is still and was one of the first big supportors of the film. His and the crowd's enthusiasm made the Q and A fun and interesting.

A couple of weeks prior we had a screening at Mezzanine with SF360 and that too went really great and had a very enthusiastic crowd. No Q and A unfortunately, but still a fun night and likely the last screening in San Francisco until a release. HP, Paul and I kicked back and had free beer.

Well, there will be a lot of happenings this year so here's hoping for a good year! ::raises glass::

06.11.30 The Gotham Awards

So, I came to New York for the Gotham Awards - But, before the Gothams were the screenings at MoMA. This in itself is pretty awesome. MoMA is a great venue and the audiences are a completely different demographic than I'm used to, which is great. The audiences were mixed about Colma at MoMA (part of the demographic shift I think, plenty of walkouts, but mostly elderly folks - I don't blame them). But the people who did stay really enjoyed it and had thoughtful things to say afterwards.

The awards ceremony was crazy. The picture on the left is Me and Wyn with Edward Norton and Tim Robbins right behind us. Pretty nuts. Surreal even. There were quite a few famous people there, but the only one I talked to was the Japanese actress from Babel. Anyhow, it was amazing to be around such company and a nice hint at what the Independent Spirit Awards will be like.

I was forced to walk the red carpet and had a couple of interviews there. One was just plain goofy and the other plain dismissive. Then the publicist walked me over to the photographers section of the carpet where Brittany Murphy was getting photographed like crazy. I was like, "Great, I have to follow Brittany Murphy?" Then she shuffled on, so I got ready, but then, I was pulled back in favor of Edward Norton. So the publicist says to me, "Well, now you have to follow Edward Norton." Hmmm...not much better. But it really was fun to be there and I definitely kept my perspective on the whole thing, maybe too much.

David Cross was the host so it would have been nice to mention something about working on Arrested Development had I won, but, it wasn't in the cards, or rather, the jury didn't give it to us. Choking Man won the award. I was sitting next to the director (all the nominees sat at the same table) and he was very nice and genuine. He directed the video for "Take On Me" for christ's sake so I can't really feel too bad. Anyway, it was a fun night and an eye opener.

06.11.29 Independent Spirit Award Nomination

Now this is something I never thought would happen even in my best-case-scenario dreams...alright, actually, this IS what I thought would happen in my best-case-scenario dreams. I've been nominated for the Someone To Watch Award at the Independent Spirit Awards. Along with the Gothams, it's very humbling to be chosen by peers (if I could be considered their peer) -- professionals who have been in the film business a long time (way longer than I have) and people who have seen and produced a ridiculous amount of independent films. It is the ultimate compliment. Guess I'll keep my apartment in Santa Monica just a little bit longer...

06.11.22 Oh, Canada

Hello, I'm back from my sweep through eastern Canada. First off , it was cold...HELLA cold.

In Toronto, I was staying at a beautiful house and the film played really well. The theater was very full and the reaction was one of the best we've ever had. AND no one walked out! Walkouts are standard when it comes to screening a movie, and I have accepted that. More on Toronto later.

Montreal - what an amazingly gorgeous city! It feels very old and the architecture is glorious. Even the modern architecture feels like the architect took into consideration its context - unlike Toronto. But I was there for a screening. Charlie and Katherine, who run the festival, were really great and very funny and fun to hang out with. The screening; didn't go so well. About 25 walkouts. One of the worst screenings I ever had. My gut reaction tells me they just couldn't get past the immature actions of the characters in first half. Or they were simply expecting something else. The crowd was definately a much older demographic than usual, so perhaps this is not youth as they remembered it. Either way, I respect their opinion - hence I was depressed for a couple of hours, but hey, it's not for everyone, nor should it be. The rest of the Montreal trip was great as I just walked around and got lost as hell and ate really good food.

Back to Toronto. Deanna, Grace, Aram, Heather and gang were all very warm and terrific. I actually felt pretty at home in Toronto, the subway is sooo simple and easy. The highlight of the trip, though? The replacement of my lost black-resident-evil-swag-beanie with a new black-reel-asian-swag-tooke (that's what they call beanies in Canada). Now I'm home for Thanksgiving and I'm off to New York for the Gotham Awards on Friday morning.

06.11.13 Chicago, Olympia, CATS and My Old Black Beanie

These two festivals went off without much hitch. Chicago had some technical problems with the sound but overall still a pretty good screening. A very good turn out and some very good press in Chicago. It was COLD.

Olympia was wonderful and also cold. The audience there is really intellegent and after playing there I feel like they defined the kind of audience this movie was made for. I hope to bring every film I make there. I got sick at the end of the trip though which sucked, but hey, I was due.

The CATS screening was fun and everyone's enthusiasm was infectious. I think the crowd, though more subdued than I am used to, liked the film. I think the bigger crowds enable each other to be louder. Who knows. Now I'm trying to recover for my last leg of the year, a week in Canada and a week in New York.

On a sadder note, on my flight from Olympia to San Francisco, I lost my beanie. The one that I'm wearing in about every picture taken of me during the production of Colma. It will live on through those pictures, but I mourn its loss. Here's to you Old Black Resident Evil Swag's to you.

06.10.30 Hawaii and the Gotham Nomination

Hawaii was pretty incredible. Truly the last time we will all be together...until the next last time we will all be together. What a year though. Hawaii feels like the last stop on the Asian American film festival circuit and we partied like it was (1999).

While waiting for the plane to take off in San Francisco going to Hawaii, I got a call from someone from the Gotham Awards. Colma is nominated in the category lovingly called "Best Film Not Playing in a Theater Near You"!!!!!..........!!!!! The film that won this last year was "I am a Sex Addict" which I found to be an amazing movie. It is quite an honor and very humbling to be a finalist for such an award. That, was how the trip started, and for the next 10 days we ate, drank, partied, watched each others films and Q&A's, sang and occasionally slept. It was happy and sad all at once.

I would post pictures if I hadn't lost 2 cameras while in Hawaii. One lost in the transpo van, the second lost during a fun slip on a rock at the beach. I landed on the camera. LA has a picture of it, I'll post that when I get it.

06.10.16 SDAFF

Well, I'm back from San Diego, aka, "The last time we all will be together." That's what I kept saying (pessimistic as I am), but of course I think we all need to work to make it not true. Now that's something worth working towards. We won the Special Jury Prize and Julia won the Best Narrative Feature and Ham won the Grand Jury Prize. Wow, such a sweet way to end the Asian festival circuit. It really felt like family this weekend and Julia's acceptance speech about family was soooo sweet. It really made me feel like a part of something special. Not to have an over-inflated sense of self importance or anything, but I think this year was special. So many good films AND I got to meet and become friends with the people who made them. How surreal and what an honor. Anyways, this weekend was one of the funnest I've ever had hanging out with Tanuj, Julia, Ham, Wyn and of course, HP, LA and Paul. It truly was one of the pinnacles of this roller coaster year. Thanks to Lee Ann and Mye and Sam and everyone at SDAFF who put on a very respectable, elegant and wildly fun festival.

06.10.12 The Continued Festival Circuit

Alright, another run of festivals is coming. Coming? It's here. San Diego, Hawaii, Austin, Chicago, Olympia, Toronto and Montreal. Basically a screening every weekend from now to November 19th. There is also a screening being set up for San Francisco at Bindlestiff on October 20th and San Jose in early November, so keep an eye out for information about that one. If any of you are close to any of these cities, I hope to see you at a screening!

06.09.29 Vancouver International Film Festival

Ohhh this is a big festival and a really really great one. The people are enthusiastic and they come out in great numbers. The screenings went really well here, especially the second one. The first had serious audio issues, which the staff and I spent an hour working out today so I apologize to all of you who were at that screening. The second screening was technically perfect with the exception of a few pops and dropouts in one scene but only that one scene. The audio was loud, full range and did the music justice - hell, it did the film justice. It's such a different movie with bad audio; it effects the overall feel of the entire film. It's actually very interesting. But the staff really cares about proper presentation and didn't blame me, which has unfortunately been the common reaction when I complain about technical issues. They were incredibly supportive and just care about good films and presenting them the way the director intended. Wow. They spoil you here. The third screening is on the 9th at 9:30pm at the Pacific Cinemateque so anyone in Vancouver who missed the first two screenings please make it to that one. The audience really responded well at the second screening which I was able to stay for (I could not stay for the entire first screening). They laughed at all the usual spots and I think they responded to the characters and what they were going through, so I'm glad the film transcends the USA a bit. Anyways it's time to just do some sight-seeing and wandering now that I have no screenings to look forward to, although I have interviews lined up for the next couple of days. And oh, of course, I hope to see some really amazing films :)

06.09.27 Some Maintenance

Hello, so I've neglected this website for a while, been too busy. I added a section for articles written about Colma: The Musical in the PRESS section of this site. I also will post some of our radio interviews when I get the chance. Enjoy! I'm off to Vancouver tomorrow. Wish the film luck!

06.09.20 Damn It's Been A While

Hello, well the film played in Venice as part of a Gay/Lesbian festival that ran along side the BIG festival and they brought me out there for 6 days. The big festival is, well, big. It was nuts and fun to see. The film played very well and, though a fair amount of jokes were lost in translation, I think the audience really liked it. Another festival run is coming. Calgary, Vancouver, San Diego, Hawaii, Washington D.C. It's gonna be fun.

06.08.05 Back Home

So... I spent a month in New York. It was pretty fun and I adjusted to the heat remarkably well (who am I kidding, I was miserable for half of it). We were accepted into Vancouver International Film Festival. So, it looks like my traveling days with the film will have a round two. Meanwhile, I'm very happy to be home, even if for only two weeks.

06.07.18 New York/Philadelphia Screenings + News

So here I am in New York, one second blistering hot and ready to kill myself and the next second being rained, no, poured on with full-on thunder and lightning, drenched to the bone and, yes - ready to kill myself. But since the last time I blog'ed we have screened a whopping 4 times! Boy that's a lot of Colma. I'll start with New York, because I attended both of those screenings. Philadephia programmed Colma on the same night as New York did, so H.P. and I had to split up. I did New York and the audience there was incredible. I really felt like they understood the film and they laughed/cried/moan and groaned throughout at all the right places. We had a very serious technical problem that essentially stopped the movie halfway through for a good 15 minutes, but the crowd stayed into it and all were very patient and didn't lose momentum. Very good screening.

Then it was off to Philly where we screened for a very different kind of audience, which was good to see. They were much more subdued but I do think they liked it especially taking into consideration the very nice e-mails I received afterwards. Then, back to New York, where we screened tonight. Thanks to Melanie who put together a nice dinner for us and got a group of folks out to the movie. It played well again and we had a very warm reception and met some very complimentary and enthusiastic people. This has been a very very good run of screenings, and our first outside California. I don't think I could have hoped for a better reception. This movie may not be perilously local yet.

In other news, we were accepted into the San Diego Asian Film Festival today, so we'll being seeing everyone there soon. I hope it isn't too hot.

06.07.09 Outfest Screening

Okay, so I screwed up this picture. Damn. Oh well, I think you can still make out that we had a tremendous turn out for the screening and after a few technical difficulties, we had a very good show and what I thought was a very good response from the crowd. The Q and A was thoughtful and flattering and we had a blast afterwards talking to as many people as was humanly possible. Thanks again to everyone who came and made it such a special night for us!

06.07.07 Outfest 2006 Opening Night

Here we are at our finest at the Outfest Opening Night Gala. A great beginning to a long trip.


Last night was our Frameline30 screening and it went very well. I thought the audience was in to the film from top to bottom and I really appreciated the crowd's responses and, of course, their applauding after musical numbers. We all thank everyone who came out at such a late hour and really appreciate the support that we have had locally. I hope you all had a good time. For those of you who could not get in - thank you for trying and I'm very sorry that you couldn't. I am sure we will screen in San Francisco again once we get distribution worked out, but we are still very young in our festival run so until then it will remain up in the air. We'll start an e-mail list going soon so we can keep everyone updated. Meanwhile it's off to LA then New York and Philly and then back to LA and then Dallas. Wow...those aren't pillows!

06.06.20 Frameline30 Sold Out!

But does that mean sold out sold out? No. It means that those of you who did not get tickets will have to get into the rush line. From my experience, about 10 percent of the capacity of the theater gets in on the rush line, so in this case, the first 30 people. Too bad we aren't at the Castro eh? Or even Victoria which is 500 seats. Oh well. I'm glad we are sold out. Thank you to everyone who bought tickets. See you all there!

06.06.18 Saweeeet

Okay I'm gonna geek out on behalf of Patrick. He saw one of the most influential films of his life there - Akira. And now, Colma: The Musical. It's still surreal to see our poster up at a movie theater. I'll be sad the day it isn't.

06.05.30 Outfest 2006 Update

The website for Outfest 2006 is up now and Colma: The Musical has been selected as one of the five films in the 5 IN FOCUS: NEW DIRECTORS SPOTLIGHT. That's pretty awesome. Check out the website here. And Check out the Outfest Colma page too while you are there. TTYS.

06.05.25 Plusses and Minuses

It's been a while, eh? Bah, this isn't even really a blog, it's more like update town.'s the update. I had to pull out of Shanghai because they wanted a film print and well, that would cost about 40 thousand dollars. Honestly I was THIS close to doing it cause you really get quite alot for that price, but in the end, I decided I really shouldn't drop that kind of money to ensure I'll be able to keep on going without working during this festival run. Oh man did Patrick and I salivate over the prospect of a film print though...::sigh:: one day...I'll find my - ahhh, predictable. So there goes our international premiere. I'm sure another one will come along. Anyways, the Frameline website is up and we are on the schedule! So as soon as tickets go on sale BUY BUY BUY! Boy will this screening be fun. See, Shanghai would have conflicted with Frameline pretty heavily, so there's our bit of "there's meaning behind everything" rationalization that I needed. CLICK HERE to see the Frameline schedule. Don't forget to look US up hehe.

06.05.11 Colma Wins Special Jury Prize at VC Film Festival

Wow, this was a surprise, especially since we were stuck in traffic and a friend had to call me and tell me we had won. Circumstance aside, this was an honor and we thank everyone at VC and the three jurors who gave us this wonderful validation of all the hard work we have put into this film. Especially considering we were with such incredible company!

06.05.10 More Screenings

So, coming down from the high of the LA screening will be hard cause up next is the Shanghai International Film Festival. Then Frameline in June and then Outfest which has given us the awesome spot of Saturday July 8 at 6:30pm and the La Brea Showcase Theater with after-party to follow! Guess I need to put up a screenings page.

06.05.10 LA Premiere - Awesome!

Hey, so we had our LA premiere at the VC Film Festival and it was a great success. Thank you to everyone who made it out and thank you for the wonderful reception the film received. As Patrick said, this feels like only the beginning and it is. Thank you to VC - Abe, David, Winston - for doing everything in their power to make the night a successful and joyous occasion to remember.

06.05.01 Happy Birthday Colma: The Musical!!!

So, it has been one year since that fateful phone call between Patrick and me: The conception of Colma: The Musical (The film)! Crazy, right? And what a birthday it has been. We've been accepted into 4 more festivals! - the next one being Frameline's San Francisco LGBT Film Festival...yeah, a big one. That one's on June 15th to 25th and we are screening on June 24th at 10:30pm at The Roxie. So mark your calendars, bring your librettos and sing along with us, and all the late night party animals!

06.04.27 Outfest 2006 in LA Update

I told Patrick.

06.04.26 YES!

We've been accepted into Outfest 2006 in LA and DAMN I'm excited! I haven't even told Patrick about it! (His phone is out of range.) The dates for the festival are July 6-17. I'll post the date and time and place 32 seconds after I hear. - Rich

06.04.06 Colma Accepted Into LA (VC) and NY Asian Film Festivals

So...after much sweat and tears, we made it into VC (Visual Communications) Film Festival after I was certain we would not. I want to publicly thank everyone who pushed for us, I'm sure we wouldn't have been considered without their nudges, so thank you so much for supporting our film. The exact dates and times and places of our screenings in these festivals are not yet set, but I'll post once they are set.

06.03.24 Colma Wins Special Jury Prize at SFIAAFF

Wow...That's about all I could say and about all I said on stage when we went up in our state of shock to accept this gracious prize. This has been an incredible experience for all of us, especially getting to hang out with the amazing folks who made unbelievably awesome films. Here's to an incredibly great festival!! ::raises glass of hangover-helping water::

06.03.22 The Premiere

Wow. Well, if you were there - THANK YOU. If you were there but couldn't get in - THANK YOU AND SINCEREST APOLOGIES. If you weren't there - Let me tell you about it. It was the World Premiere Paul, Patrick and I had wished for and then some. The support we had and the love we received was overwhelming and truly moved us. The crowd was very into the film and the applause at the end of each musical number very nearly put Patrick and I into tears. If the film has no life beyond this, this premiere will have made the experience well worth it. Thanks again to everyone who came and everyone who bought the soundtrack. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I've heard these songs quite literally thousands of times and it's still the first thing I play in my car. Here's hoping for more screenings like that one, though I doubt there will ever be.

06.03.18 Colma: The Musical World Premiere After-Party!!!!!!

As if the Premiere of the film is not enough, OR the release of the really really amazing soundtrack, we are adding to the slate the COLMA: THE MUSICAL WORLD PREMIERE AFTER-PARTY!!! (C:TMWPA-P!!!). It will be held, just 2 blocks away from the Kabuki at the DOT Restaurant Bar @ the Miyako Hotel (1625 Post Street) right after the Q and A which is right after the film. We can all walk and talk our way to a night full of conversation, music and drinks. The doors will be open from 11:30pm to 2am. The cast and crew will be there and the music will be a playin'. On that note, I'm told we are very close to selling out so if you haven't already bought your ticket, please buy it now or you may miss it. And as if THAT was enough, if you didn't get a chance to buy the soundtrack at the screening, you can buy it here! There is no cover for the C:TMWPA-P!!! so come and hang out and celebrate this very proud moment with the Colma gang.

06.02.25  Colma: The Musical: The Soundtrack

After much debate, I have decided GREENROCKSOLID, LLC will independently release Colma: The Musical - The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.  We will be selling them at the Premiere (March 21st, 9pm, AMC Kabuki...) for 15 dollars, then, online here. will be a DOUBLE Premiere!!!  Dude, the final music is amazing and those of you who have heard it before will be treated to a few new surprises.  And would Patrick be Patrick if he didn't throw in some easter eggs?  Sold yet?  Wait, theres more!  The soundtrack will even include the original Exit Music which will not be a part of the SFIAAFF screening cut. (I know, but there's always the DVD.)  I am incredibly humbled by the talent that has gone into this CD and am grateful to be the one who gets to present it to the world. - Rich

06.02.17 BUILD 060217: The Last Build

After a hundred builds or so, the last build has been reached and its name is 060217. This is the build people will see at the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival. What a relief to not have to show people the film and worry about things missing that (only in my mind) could potentially sway their opinion. For those who have already seen a build or two...or five (Taraval), it will be fun for you to see what I now consider final, and fun for me to see what you think of the changes. I love that part of the process; seeing little moves here and there. But essentially, from Build 050920 to now, the core and heart of the movie, COLMA, remains - or should I say...STAYS...Dun Dun Dun, Dun DaDaDaDun.....HAHAHAHAHAAHAHHA........... - Rich

06.02.14 "Colma: The Musical" Accepted Into SFIAAFF...!!!!

Patrick, Paul and I are pleased to announce the official selection of "Colma: The Musical" into competition at the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival. I mean, really, is there a better place for this film to world premiere? Our screening will be at the AMC Kabuki on March 21st at 9 o'clock PM on their biggest screen. This is a very special venue for Patrick and me. I don't know how many movies we've seen there but we'd need more the 20 hands to count them...or maybe 30 even! Anyhow, this is a special event for everyone who was involved in Colma and is validation for all the hard work everyone put into it. I hope to see you all there and your friends and family and a whole lot of new faces. - Rich



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