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The world's a stage, and Billy (Jake Moreno) and Rodel (H.P. Mendoza) sing in it.

"Hulk Hogan" (Jim Wierzba) sings to Billy and Rodel with the bar patrons backing him up in "Goodbye Stupid".



The three friends on Westmoor Hill overlooking San Francisco in "Colma Stays".





Billy gets some good news.




Maribel (L.A. Renigen) and Rodel in "Deadwalking".



Billy shows exactly how straight edge he is in "Crash the Party".





Billy's parents, Julio (Brian Raffi) and Kattia (Gigi Guizado).





Rodel has fun with the hipsters in "Could We Get Any Older".



Rodel's Father, the happiest person in Colma. (Not Really)


Billy, with his girlfriend Tara (Sigrid Sutter), lives it up outside the premiere of his acting debut in "Friend Joseph".



Inside, the Friend Joseph Players play.



Rodel through the looking glass.







Maribel get's ready for a night out.






Maribel and Rodel talk about Colma, life and Emily Dickinson





Rodel looks over the town of Colma in "One Day Part 2".


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